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I have made my first Etsy treasury inspired by BBC One’s program The Paradise. In the program the heroine attempts to unite the small lone craftsmen into a collective where they show their products as one coherent outfit and then offer 10% off if a customer buys any item from each craftsman. This where sites like Etsy and FAB and many others are trying to promote the small business person is a GREAT idea! Getting agreement from each crafts-person is well… it did not work for our heroine.

BUT!!! I LOVE what other people are doing and creating! And what The Paradise was able to demonstrate to it’s customers was how to put an outfit together. Not just highlight one single product but to demonstrate how it can all come together to make a sure fire look. Just like fashion magazine shoots and stylists do.

Etsy has this app called Treasury where anyone can put together a collection of stuff they like. It doesn’t have to be themed and often is only loosely fitted together. I feel this can be used to really show the best of a lot of hardworking craftsmen and craftswomen to show what else is there. I have made my first one themed on 50 Shades of Grey – a bit hokey, but hopefully it will find a large enough audience to provide some feedback on the idea of treasury as styling.

Here it is! My first Treasury!

My first treasury!

Please! tell me what you think!!!


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