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There is but one sys admin and you are not it.<br>2. Thou shalt NOT share! Leech ONLY!<br>3. Thou shalt not bogart the bandwidth.<br>4. Thou shalt use and regularly run virus guard (Kaspersky or better)<br>5. Keep holy and inviolate the firewall. (see comandment 1)<br>6. All actions upon the web or upon ANY device MUST BE UK LEGAL. If you are unsure - dont do it.<br>7. No web servers or file shares shall be accessable from this network. That's what Dropbox, google docs and virtual hosting is for. The security risk is too great.<p> </p>Transgressions are punishable by being cut off. What the sys admin giveth she can take away. <br>Violation of UK law is in violation of you rental agreement.
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I think the hardest thing about being on my own is that no one has n my back but me. When I make a leap of faith there is no one to catch me. But on the other hand that was the situation when I was married. At least now I can leap and there isn't some one holding me back other than myself. It's been very very scary but things have gotten better and not just for me.  my Meifod at no 20 may hate me but at least now they have planning permission for their extension which they previously did not have.  Now onto the lawyer to fix the problems with the trespasses.

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You and I are pyrocantha
Short sweet blooming season
White tiny single roses
Lethal russet thorns
That if any try to penetrate
Or storm
Will find themselves impaled
Cut to ribbons
And bled beyond saving
Poisonous berries to all
but feasts to finches, great tits and crows
Tenacious and practically impossible to prune or cut
And the only way to be rid of it
Is to burn it beyond the ground
All the way through the roots
We are destruction and sweetness and lasting
Heady summer sent and bitter biting winter thorns
Fleeting and immortal
Thus we love, thus we bleed
Our hearts
Twined twisted
Reward and punishment

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